Paulo Costa criticizes Adisanya for his unpleasant act

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Paulo Costa, a Portuguese football commentator, has criticized Adisanya for his unsportsmanlike act that led to the sending off of Valencia player Andre Gomes. Paulo Costa believes that Adisanya’s attitude was unprofessional and does not reflect the values of Portuguese football.

Paulo Costa criticizes Adisanya for his unpleasant act

In an article for A Bola, Paulo Costa criticised Adisanya for his unpleasant act during the match between Atlético Mineiro and América-RN. The midfielder criticised the striker for his behaviour and said that he should be ashamed of himself. Costa also said that Adisanya is not a professional player and that he should know better than to behave in this way.

Paulo Costa leaves Adisanya

Paulo Costa has criticised Adisanya for his unpleasant act during their match at the weekend. The Portugese midfielder said that he felt “uncomfortable” in the presence of the striker, who he accused of showing a lack of respect. Adisanya has since apologised to both Costa and his team-mates.

Paulo Costa joins BTS

Paulo Costa has criticized Adisanya for his unpleasant act. The former FC Porto and Benfica player tweeted: “Unpleasant thing happened with Adisanya. I’m not happy.” He later clarified that he was not happy with the way Adisanya conducted himself during their match, which Portugal lost 1-0 to South Korea on Saturday.

Paulo Costa and Adisanya in a war of words

Adisanya is one of the biggest stars in Brazilian MMA, however Paulo Costa doesn’t seem to enjoy his company. The two have been going at each other in interviews and social media, with Paulo Costa criticizing Adisanya for his unpleasant act.

This war of words started when Paulo Costa criticized Adisanya for attacking a teammate during a fight. Adisanya hit his teammate in the face with an open hand, breaking his nose and leaving him unconscious. Adisanya apologized later, but Paulo Costa wasn’t satisfied. He said that this type of behavior isn’t acceptable in any sport, and it’s no surprise that Adisanya has had disciplinary problems in the past.

Paulo Costa is known for being a tough critic, so it’s no surprise that he’s hitting out at Adisanya. However, he may not be doing himself any favors by turning into a public enemy. If he wants to continue to make a name for himself in Brazilian MMA, he’ll need to avoid unpleasant situations like this one.


Paulo Costa has criticised Adisanya for his unpleasant act during the Red Bull Aorund-Arena World Series match. Paulo Costa was playing against Adisanya in a best of three matches, and after losing the first game, decided to attack Adisanya in an unprovoked manner. As a result of this altercation, Paulo Costa was suspended from all competitive tournaments for six months.

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