Ronaldo and Ferguson bet £400

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Footballers are known for their gambling habits, and there are no exceptions to this rule. In fact, some of the biggest names in football have been caught betting on matches – with some of the wagers totalling millions of pounds.

One such footballer is Portuguese superstar Ronaldo, who was recently involved in a £400 bet with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson. The bet – which took place during the Portuguese international’s trip to Asia – involved Ronaldo placing a bet on his national team’s upcoming match against South Korea. If Portugal won the game, then Ferguson would have to pay Ronaldo £10,000. If Portugal lost however, then Ronaldo would have to pay his manager £10,000. Needless to say, Portugal went on to win the game 3-1, meaning that Ronaldo came out on top!

While this particular bet might not seem too serious, it serves as a reminder of just how passionate footballers are about their sport and their rivals. And as we all know, passion can sometimes lead to deadly consequences…

Ronaldo and Ferguson bet £400

Ronaldo and Ferguson bet £400 on the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United. The result? Ronaldo’s team won!

Ronaldo’s impressive skills on the field were not the only thing that caught the attention of his fellow superstars. His bet with Ferguson also proved to be a very interesting story.

Ferguson is a legendary football manager who has led many teams to victory. He is also known for his sharp intellect and strong gambling skills. Ronaldo was not the only one who was surprised by Ferguson’s bet. Many people thought that the bet was simply an exhibition of bravado on Ferguson’s part.

However, Ronaldo decided to take the bet and put his own money on the line. He knew that he had a good chance of winning, given his immense talent and reputation as one of the best football players in the world.

Ronaldo’s gamble paid off, and he came out victorious in what was arguably one of the most important matches of his career. His fans are now eagerly waiting for him to win another big bet in the future!

The bet

Two of the world’s greatest footballers, Ronaldo and Ferguson, have wagered £100,000 on who will win the 2013 Champions League.

Ronaldo is a nine-time Ballon d’Or winner, while Ferguson won 38 trophies during his time at Manchester United.

The bet was made during a press conference for the 2013 Champions League final between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Ronaldo said: “I think it would be a great gesture if we could bet on each other. We’re good friends and I know that he’s a big fan of mine.”

Ferguson agreed, saying: “If he wants to do it then fine – I’m not really bothered about money.”

What was the bet?

Ferguson and Ronaldo bet £10,000 each that the other’s team would not win the Champions League final.

2. Who won the bet?

Ronaldo’s team, Juventus, won the Champions League final by beating Ferguson’s Manchester United.

How much did Ronaldo and Ferguson win?

Ronaldo and Ferguson bet £100,000 that Ronaldo would score more goals than Ferguson in the next season.

In the end, Ronaldo scored 57 goals while Ferguson scored only 38. This meant that Ronaldo had won the bet.

What did Ronaldo say about the bet?

Ronaldo said that he would “bet £10,000 with Ferguson” if the Manchester United player could beat him in a one-on-one match.

2. Why did Ronaldo make the bet?

Ronaldo made the bet because he is a huge fan of Ferguson and wants to show his respect for the Manchester United player. He also wanted to show his dominance in the sport.

What will happen if Ronaldo loses?

If Ronaldo loses, Ferguson will give him £1 million.

Ronaldo is one of the world’s most famous football players. He is known for his skill and ability to score goals. Ferguson is one of the world’s best football coaches. He has won many awards, including three Premier League titles with Manchester United.

If Ronaldo loses, Ferguson will give him £1 million. This bet is a reminder that no matter how great Ronaldo may be, Ferguson is still one of the best football coaches in the world.


In what could be the start of a new trend in football, two of the world’s greatest players – Ronaldo and Ferguson – have reportedly wagered £400 on who will win this year’s World Cup. The Portuguese superstar is considered the heavy favourite, with many predicting he will triumph at Russia 2018. If Ronaldo does win, it would be his fourth title in a row and eighth overall; meanwhile, Sir Alex has won five World Cups as manager of Manchester United. Will one of these icons finally bring home the prestigious trophy? We’ll just have to wait and see!

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